Symposium Topics



A. Pre-July 15 Period

B. During July 15 coup attempt

C. Internal and external reflections of July 15



A. Theological

B. Sociological

C. Psychological

Ç. Cultural

E. Educational

F. Economic



  1. Exclusion of Religious Identity

  2. Objection to the Current Global System

  3. Official Paradigm

  4. Deep State Structuring

  5. The Invasion Attempt

  6. Civilian Resistance Against Invasion Attempt

  7. FETO and Religious Violence

  8. Leadership and National Attitude

  9. Religious Institutions and Communities

10. Coups in Turkey and Islam Geography

11. Turkey in National and International Media

12. National Will Watches

13. Yenikapı Spirit and Social Consensus

14. The Coup Attempt in Terms of International Relations

15. State of Emergency and the Legal Struggle Against the Coup

16. The July 15 in Language, Literature, Culture, and Art

17. Democratic Reforms and Civilianization

18. Presidential System and Regime Discussions

19. New Steps in Social Science and Science

20. Relations Between the State and Non-Profit Societies

21. Other Related Titles

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